Department of Hydrobiology

1. Algal Strain Collection: Our main aim is to establish an algal strain collection based on Hungarian algae isolation. Our collection contain not only phytoplankton but phytobentos species as well. Our main aim to collect so much species (Chlorophyta, Bacillariophyta, Cryptophyta, Dinophyta, Euglenophyta etc.) which is possible. We started the collection on the last November. Presently we have got 3 phytoplankton species (Choricystis minor - Chlorophyta, Schroderia setigera -Chlorophyta, and Cryptomonas ovata (CCAP 979/61) - Cryptophyta) in batch cultures. Many Bacillaryophyta (phytobentos) species (Navicula sp., Nitschia sp., Achnantes sp.) are isolated as well; their cultivation in liquid media is in progress.

2. Potentially lipid-producer algae: We started the isolation and cultivation of potentially lipid-producer algal strains (Chlorophyta, Bacillariophyta, Cryptophyta). Or main aim is to culture them as axenic cultures using various culturing media and changing various physical-chemical variables to identify the optimal conditions for their growth. These scientific processes will allow us to identify the most efficient lipid-producer taxa. We will investigate the efficiency of lipid production of various microalgae under specific treatment, and study how we can modify the physiological processes so that the microalgal cells can utilize directly the newly assimilated carbon, thus producing more lipids and less carbohydrate.

3. Algal strains for decreasing the CO2 emission: One of our capital projects to establish such cultivated algal strains which are able to take on huge doses of carbon-dioxide and compose large volume of biomass.