Department of Hydrobiology
Presentations of Kick-off Conference

Balázs Medgyesy: The Duna Region Strategy of the European Union

Endre Sárkány-Kiss – László Fodorpataki – Kunigunda Macalik – Ilie C. Telcean – Miklós Bálint – Mihály Braun – Judit Papp – József Hamar: The ecological state of the Upper-Tisa and the Transylvanian-tributaries of the Tisa River - based on characteristics of the physico-chemical parameters, the flora and fauna

László Miklós – Anna Špinerová: The hydroecological regional units of the East Slovakian Lowland and their characteristics

Illés Fehér: Heavy-metal pollution in floodplain of Tisa and the accumulation of heavy-metals in cultivated plants in Tisa section between Martonos and Becsei-dam

József Szikura: Revealing long-term environmental and nature protection tasks and the possibilities of fulfilling them in the North-Eastern Carpathians

Attila Lovas: Water management and cooperation in the Tisa valley

István Grigorszky: The Trans-Tisa Hydroecological Scientific Cooperation Network Program

Georg A. Janauer: Macrophyton

Éva Ács: Periphyton

István Grigorszky – Keve Tihamér Kiss: Phytoplankton

Ákos Harka: Fish fauna

Arnold Móra: Macrozoobenton

Alex Sándor Nagy: Background variables

György Dévai: Proposal to establish the metadatabase of Trans-Tisa-Network from view of hydroecology

Attila Fazekas: Proposal to establish the metadatabase of Trans-Tisa-Network from view of informatics

Botond Sinóros-Szabó: Rural development based on the spatial environment of the Tisa

Ilie C. Telcean – Diana Cupşa: Principles of integrated biomonitoring in upper Tisa River and tributaries (Maramures County, Romania)

Veronika Putarich Ivánszky: The investigation on the surface water resources of the Tisa in Vojvodina

Béla Tóthmérész – Tibor Magura: Habitat fragmentation and connectivity of forest patches in the Bereg Plain

Attila Torma – Róbert Gallé – Miklós Bozsó: Relationship between insect-communities and habitat conditions in the Lower-Tisa region

Péter Csorba – Szilárd Szabó: Environmental-geographical state assessment in the Upper-Tisa region

Zoltán Varga: Biogeography of the Upper-Tisa region